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About MarketScalpel


MarketScalpel aims to provide high-value independent, objective, and actionable sector based investment research to active, professional financial market participants, delivered in an intuitive and easy-to-use manner.

Our research is based on an in-house developed database and analytical framework that generates proprietary, hierarchical sector and industry group data and quantitative metrics to assess prospects for both relative and absolute performance.

The MarketScalpel concept was originated in 2002 by Mads Fagerlund and Ruben Falk drawing on their combined professional backgrounds in Asset Management, Investment Banking, Strategy Consulting, and Computer Science.


The prototype database delivering sector information was completed in 2003. The first production database with the core analytical, statistical and cyclical analysis techniques went into production in 2005.

A second generation database and analytical framework was developed that went into production during 2006, incorporating revised cycle analytics, additional breadth data, and failsafe mechanisms for identifying corporate actions.

In 2006, work commenced on developing systems and technologies for the online distribution of MarketScalpel's research and data on the web, and the Market Navigator web-based research platform was subsequently launched in 2007.


MarketScalpel's research services are used by active portfolio money managers and traders as an informational tool to inform portfolio strategy, and to enhance existing strategies at the tactical level without fundamentally impacting existing investment processes.

We have a flexible approach in how we serve our clients and strive to be very responsive to individual client needs.

In particular we recognize that from time to time clients will require more detailed analysis of specific situations not necessarily explicitly covered by our regular research. We aim to provide this promptly and to generally foster a close working relationship with our clients.

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