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Sector Cycles Table Help


  The aggregate market cap. of stock constituents in the displayed sector and region (Global, US, Non-US) based on shares outstanding


The cycle analysis is based on spectral analysis of frequency response of a sector index. The Long and the Short Cycles are those cycles with the best frequency response for cycles ranging from 10 to 375 trading days.


  The average length of the cycle as measured from bottom to bottom


  A fit of 100% represents that the most recent cycle bottoms and tops are exactly symmetric around the given cycle length. A fit of 75% or more is considered good. A fit below 50% is considered poor

Days to Top and Bottom:

  An estimate of the number of trading days from or to the next cycle top or bottom. This is indicative only and should be considered alongside other indicators such as Volume Confirmation Signals. Particularly the “Days to Top” should be treated with some caution as cycles can often have left or right translation meaning that the top occurs late (or early) even though the cycle is well-defined in terms of the bottom-to-bottom symmetry which tends to be the more stable measure of cyclicality

Note that our definition of “Non-US” only refers to non-US domiciled stocks trading on US exchanges. “Global” refers to US traded stocks of all domiciles.


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