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Market Navigator Main Analysis Controls

A) Primary Analysis Tool Selectors

 The active tool is denoted by blue button text.
  1. Heatmaps:

    Color-coded visualization ranking the total market by the 51 top level sub-sectors according to 12 metrics (selected via Display Options)
  2. Sector Overview Tables:

    Comprehensive tabular ranking of the 100 bottom level industry groups, organized in 3 separate sortable tables (selected via Display Options).
  3. Sector Charts:

    5 Chart Tools (selected via Display Options).
  4. Sector Stock Component Tables:

    Table of sector stocks containing key ranking metrics that may be sorted by clicking any column headings

B) Display Option Selector

Context sensitive dropdown menu delivering alternative chart/view options depending on the active Primary Analysis Tool.

C) Region Option Selector

 Select US, Non-US or Global data sub-sets.

Sector Navigation & Workflow

D) Ticker entry box:

Enter a ticker within the stocks universe to display the last bottom up Analysis Tool selected (Chart or Stock Tables) for the stocks sector regionally referenced.

F) Sector Navigator Tree:

Click on the sector nodes to drill down into the the sector hierarchy.  Click on sectors/industry groups to activate for the current Analysis Tool.

E) Window Management:

Detach any analysis view into a separate new window to compare multiple charts.

Workflow Tip: For rapid review of multiple sectors detach one of the Top Down Analysis Tools (Heatmaps or Overview Tables) to a separate window, then click on any sector to display the relevant Sector Chart or Stock Table according to the last selected bottom-up tool in the main browser window.

Market Navigator Controls Snapshot

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