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Sector Stock Tables: Screening Industry Group Components

MarketScalpel's primary focus is on the sector and industry group level, but as a natural extension the Market Navigator Sector Stock Tables tool provides key metrics on individual industry group component stocks generated via our sector database.

The Sector Stock Tables tool is a highly efficient way of ranking and screening industry group constituents via 1-click sortable table headings.  This allows you to quickly determine internal leadership, breadth/narrowness of participation, or correlations relative to the parent industry group, for example as an initial step in the investment screening process.

Stocks Ranking Metrics

The Sector Stocks Table tool provides the following metrics on sector and industry group components:

  • Trading Information:

    Percentage of sector/industry group market cap, Average daily volume traded (in US $ millions), Flag for stocks setting a new 52-week High or Low
  • Volume Confirmation:

    Day's 1-Day Volume Confirmation Signal, stock's 1-week Volume Confirmation ranking, Day's relative volume
  • Performance:

    1-day, 1-week, 1-month, and 3-month performance
  • Sector/Industry Group Correlations:

    3-month Beta vs applicable sector/industry group, 3-month Correlation vs applicable sector/industry group, 3-month volatility

Using the Sector Stocks Tables

The sector stocks tables are accessed by clicking the 'Sector Stocks' button in the main analysis tool selector area of the Market Navigator controls (see A4 in the controls overview).

Click on any table heading to sort the table according to that metric in descending order.  Click the same heading again to sort in ascending order.

Use the copy icon in the main window top right-hand corner to copy the contents of a table to the clipboard for pasting into a spreadsheet for further analysis (Internet Explorer only).  Firefox users wishing to access this functionality please install the Table2Clipboard add-on.

Usability Tip: Comparing Industry Group Constituents

If the active industry group has been set by entering a ticker in the box in the control panel (D in the controls overview), the relevant row will be highlighted in the Sector Stocks Table.  This makes it visually easier to compare relative performance for stocks versus industry group peers, and is a process that may be repeated within an active table to highlight alternative stocks for comparison.


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