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US Sector Strategy Weekly
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Market-by-Sector Analysis

Our Sector Strategy Weekly publication provides a comprehensive analysis of the market on a sector by sector basis.

For the 10 top levels sectors, performance and outlook are assessed with the help of our proprietary breadth and 52-week high/low data, and trends in relative strength versus the broad market are identified focusing on the medium term.

For each sector we additionally pinpoint key drivers of internal strength and weakness in terms of Subsectors and Industry Groups, and analyse sector rotation themes and likely trends.

Industry Group Leadership

We highlight Industry Group leadership by identifying areas where long term out/under performance trends exist, and are potentially in the process of reversing or emerging.

A key technique we use in our analyis involves de-trending industry group performance, by removing the impact of the broad market/parent sector and analyzing the resulting standalone data.

This then reveals whether performance can be attributed to long term trends in relative strength, or is more likely a result of shorter term momentum factors.

Optimizing Sector Allocation

It is said "a rising tide lifts all boats", however, under the surface not only do significant performance divergences exist between Industry Groups within the same Sector, but these frequently also persist for extended periods.

Our research adds significant value to investment processes by providing clients with actionable analysis to fine tune intra-sector allocations so they are positioned in Industry Groups that sustainably outperform the market.

This leaves clients free to focus research on picking positions in areas offering well defined opportunity.

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